Stitch is Lilo's Dog and Beloved Best Friend and one of Jumba Jookiba's 627 Genetic Experiments. Stitch Appeared During The Final Battle And Rescued Amer With Jake Long's Help. Stitch Loves Coconut Cake and Cofee That He Would Drink Cofee And Eat Coconut Cake. Jumba Desinged Stitch To Be Very Indestructible. Stitch is an Alien. She became Best Friends With Yuna After Lilo. Stitch saw the Spiritual Stone and Jumba Gave Stitch A Good Deed Counter. Whenever Stitch Did Bad Deeds, Stitch's Time goes down to 00 Every Bad Deed Stitch Does. Stitch Loves Yuna and Lilo. Stitch Is In Love With Experiment 624 (Angel). She sang Stitch a beautiful song that made Stitch fall in love. Stitch went on a date with Angel. Stitch gets angry with Mr.Stenchy. He Got Fat When FrenchFry Gave Him,Lilo,Jumba and Pleakly because he wants to eat them! Nani Defeated FrenchFry And FrenchFry Now Owns The Store Giving Stitch French Fires.