Numbuh 478


Amer Azmi Rohazam


Numbuh 478




K.A.W.T.A (Kool Altillery Whoops Teenager Away) THUNDERWHACKHER (Thunder Happy Utilizing Nuisance Destroyer Entragate Robotical Whacking Happy Amazing Centered Kool ElectricalRiffle

Amer Azmi Rohazam is the Leader Of The Lion Leaf Squad Organization. He Joined The Kids Next Door On January 1st 2010 and served the Kids Next Door On Febuary 22nd 2010. Amer is in Sector V with his teammates. He Loves Rainbow Monkeys. He has a Rival named CR-V. His Nemesis Is Fatherhot Bernard. His Counter Part Is Negative Numbuh 478. He Lives With His Teammates In Sector V. He Found His 1st Rainbow Monkey in the Laman Seri Park After He And His Family Moved To Number 2,Jalan Paya Lebar 1 27 Of League 10A from Number 11 Jalan Jinjang. He's A Sarina Paris Lover. Amer Loves Hitler,Angry German Kid, Microsoft Sam,Microsoft Mary,Microsoft Mike And Radar Overseer Scotty. He's A Friend Of Cory,Specer,Kyra,Nigel,Hoagie,Kuki,Wally,Abigail,Chris (Total Drama KND Host),Ginger,Jamey,Lilo,Stitch,Nani,Jumba,Pleakly,Inspector Gadget, GadgetMobile,Gantu,Kronos,Reuben,Enn,Ray,Hyu (Advance Guardian Heroes),Nadzan Nazrin,Aril Nazrin,Mustaqim,Lum,Jaya Suriyan,Raymond,Zulhilmi,Boboy,Kadir,Gan,Lum,Lee Kai Zeng, Siow Goh Seng,Kadir,Norman,Han (Advance Guardian Heroes),Fu Dog,Lao Shi,Jake Long and Tom and Jerry even Butch The BullDog. Amer Loves Going To Resorts. Resorts Resorts Resorts. He Loves Going To Cameron Highlands & Fraser's Hill. He Loves Sarina Paris (Baby Look At Us),AC/DC (You Shook Me All Night Long),Spice Girls (Wannabe),Aqua (Roses Are Red),Cascada (Everytime We Touch),Toy Box (Best Friend) Digimon Adventure - Brave Heart (Digivolution Song),Mr.Bean (Ecce Homo Qui Est Faba And Vale Homo Qui Est Faba),They Might Be Giants (Courage The Cowardly Dog)